Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter 2015

Happy Easter to my blogging fans.  I hope you are having an awesome day with family and friends.  Just my kids and I today enjoying each others company.  

I have been looking forward to spring.  But I am beginning to believe spring will not be coming here this year.  I am near Oswego NY!!!!   And it is snowing today.  Yep totally snowing.  Thankfully not hard enough today to stick.  I did wake up to over an inch or snow yesterday :(  When it is cold it makes it hard to go out and do anything.

Hopefully I can go out soon.  Maybe I need to start traveling to warmer climates to do some work.  Make some new friends and find new adventures :D

Happy Holiday!!!
Enjoy this picture from yesterday April 4th 2015

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