Saturday, October 10, 2015

Looking to help others this month!!

Please check out my blog post on my other blog.  I am looking to help others this month and would love your help!!  Thank you!!


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

More handmade items for sale

Items I have made and are for sale on Ebay!!! 


 Over 20 Dishcloths in varies colors and sizes.  $0.50 each or 4 for $1.00 

 2 Handmade Barbie size chair beds.  5.5" wide and 15" long when unfolded.  $10 each free shipping
2 handmade doll size quilts.  Perfect for any 18" doll like an American Girl doll $15 each

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Ways to help

I am a stay at home mom.  I have 4 kids that I care for and that keep me busy.  Genealogy has been my passion for many years.  (Since 1999)  I am also a crafter at heart.  It is great because it is something I can do with my children.  We often craft things to sell and donate the money to local charities.  If you would like to help keep checking back for current crafts available for sale!!
Charm necklaces with 14" faux suede chains.  $5 each with free shipping

14" faux suede cord


18" Faux Suede Cord

New Records

Are you a member of  I have been for many, many years.  I love getting emails saying that I may have new records.  I have been getting more and more of those emails lately.  Which makes it super fun.  Who doesn't love presents or surprises.  

One new record on a relative, kind of, sort of answered a question about a relative.  My great grandfather came from Italy, got married and had 4 girls.  But I noticed that most of the census records have him living separate from his wife and kids.  Sometimes in other states and often hours away.  I figure he went where the work was, which is probably still true.  Or at least I will kind of continue to think that.  But apparently that is not all true as the document below shows.  He was arrested for abandoning his family.  So he wasn't even getting money back to them.  Which of course answers the questions of why he is not on census records with them.  But this also makes me sad, knowing my grandmother and family probably grew up struggling.  

I will admit that it does make me wonder.  Did he have other relationships?  Does he have other kids out there? Isn't it funny how when you find something new it can answer questions and then create more.  This is the joy of genealogy, continuous questions!  I love the thrill of the hunt!!  

Have you found anything new and fun??  I would love to hear more stories!!  
 Sing Sing Admission Records

Monday, October 5, 2015

How to reach me

Want to chat??  Have a question??  Need some help??  Get in touch with me!!!  I will be happy to help. 

Google Hangouts - familyhistory75
Skype - genealogylady75
Twitter - @familyhistor75
I can help with your research or putting your research together!!! 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

What did you do with your 4th of July weekend??

Happy 4th of July!!! <yep a day late>
So what did you do with your weekend?
Did you BBQ?

Go to the beach?

Go camping?
Spend time with your family?
Did you watch fireworks?

Or a parade?
Did the reason for July 4th or Independence Day come up in your conversation over the weekend?
Are we thankful for our country and all that the men and women have done over the hundreds of years to make this our country?
239 years ago on July 2nd we became independent!!!  We broke away from Great Britain's Rule.  Ever wonder what life would be like if we were still under another country's rule?  The early settlers came to America to find freedoms.  And in that search they gave us our own freedom.  Something we still have today.  We have the right to our own opinions and voices.  We will not always agree with one another and that is ok.  That is great even.  Because sometimes great things come out of disagreements.  We should always be thankful that we do not have to conform with everyone else.  We should always be thankful that we get to be who we want to be.  We should be thankful, not judge and not be mean or nasty to others for being who they want to be or believe how they want to believe.  That is what makes America great.  Maybe someday we will all learn to no bully, tease or torment others for being different.  We shouldn't be hateful or fearful of others because they want to make a stand for what they believe in. 
Basically it's America!!!!  Be how want to be, believe how you want to believe and DO NOT let other bring you down with their own opinions!
And yesterday I explored my county and found new places to research and explore!!