Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 6

On day 4 I had you work on your maternal grand parents.  Now it's time to  move on to your paternal grand parents.   Your father's parents.  What do you know about them off the top of your head?  Start a new page in your journal for each grand parent.  Write down everything you can think of.  Then of course talk to your grand parents if they are still alive.  If now than talk to your parents. 

Are you make this journey fun for yourself?  Are you enjoying the search, the hunt?  How is the writing part coming along.  Most of genealogy is just documenting facts and sources.  Sometimes we forget to listen and write down the stories that may have come along with the facts.  Especially if you are getting information from a family member they may say that little John was born on a certain day but they tell you what happened that day.

I used to live in Orlando, FL.  The day my second son was born my mother was visiting from NY and we had plans to take her to Disney's Animal Kingdom.  I was already over due and we went and walked around the park.  My back hurt most of the day (I was nine month pregnant after all).  My family decided to go on the safari ride and I decided to sit it out.  There was a wait time of 20 minutes and the ride is probably 10-15 minutes, no big deal.  I went and got some ice cream and sat down.  And that is when I noticed a contraction.  So I decided to time it figuring it was really nothing.  5 minutes later another one and 5 minutes after that another.  So I was a little nervous, I had not experienced this before, my first son was induced. 

So when my family returned from the attraction I advised them that we should probably head home.  On the ride home I as able to watch the clock and noticed that my contractions seemed to be getting closer together.  They were not painful.  I ask my mom to sit with my older son and told my husband that I was having contractions and we might want to head to the hospital.  I was very calm and wasn't in a rush.  I figured I would get sent home.  I had always expected there to be a lot of pain from contractions that close. 

By the time we arrived at the hospital I knew they were fairly close but I had never said anything to my husband.  They brought me in to the little room where they decide if you will stay or if you will go.  My contraction were 2 minutes apart by then.  The nurse turned to me and said "you are definitely in labor, your contractions are 2 minutes apart."  My husband almost lost his mind.  Freaking out because I never told him they were so close.  I still laugh about it to this day.  While we still lived in Orlando, every year on my son's birthday we always went to Animal Kingdom and reminded him and us how he was almost born there.

 Just one of the fun stories that I have written down in the hopes that my son will tell his children and that it will passed on through the family for a long time to come.

I hope you all are find fun and interesting stories as well.  Any you want to share??  Please feel free.

Also the book included with this post appears to be a very nice book for journaling and charting your journey.  I am adding to my wish list.

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