Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 7

Good Morning Everyone!!!  How is your writing project coming?  I bet you have a small novel by now.  How is the information collecting going?  Have you hit any brick walls??  Do you need some help?  Talk to each other about your process so far, and share tips and tricks.  Maybe you can help each other with your research.  You will often come across others with different resources.
Now is probably a good time to tell you about another favorite web site of mine.  ANCESTRY.COM - Unfortunately this is a pay site but they do have access to some free records.  They also have huge online community of users always willing to share, help, and collaborate.  It is truly awesome.  They have access to millions of records, census, birth, marriage, death, land, probate, and more.  Again many they are only accessable to paying members, but there are some records that are free and becoming part of the community is free.  They almost always have some kind of free trial and every now and they have access to records for a weekend.  For example they allowed access to records for free for the 4th of July weekend.  So got check it out I know you will love it.

Now back to writing.  How is that going?  So far we have written about ourselves, our parents & our grandparents.  That is essentially 7 people.  If you have created folders or a binder you should have 7 tab.  What about your journal, do you have at least a page for each person?  Are you writing about what you are doing to find this information, and how you feel when you find something new.

Are you married?  Do you have children?  Grand children?  Add a file for your other half's side.  This will be a whole new branch in your tree.

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