Thursday, December 20, 2012

Old Photos

I have always loved photography.  I love when I am able to get my hands on old family photographs.  I have manged to collect a few over the years.  It is always nice to put a face with an ancestor. 

For example this picture above.  This is my great grandfather, William Henry Thomas, and great grandmother, Ella May (Giddings) Thomas.  There are 4 children in the photo but they are not really in the photo.  If you take a close look at it you will see that the children were suppose to be in another picture.  Maybe even two separate pictures.  If you take a really close look at the child in the middle you will see a boys face through the girl.  You can see the girl on the left end is sitting on something that isn't there and the you can see right through the girl on the right.  Of course I do not have the negative for this photo but I would have to guess either something happened while taking the photos or it was not developed correctly.  But still a facinating photo.  It is labeled with names, including 3 of the 4 kids and it states where is was taken.  At a lake in Brewster NY in either 1918 or 1919.


This is another one of my favorite photos.  This is my husbands great grandfather Joseph Michael Schneider.  He is taking a ride on his horse drawn fire truck.  See people always watch where the fire truck is going.  This is taken in Sandusky, Ohio.
So I would love to hear from others.  What do you think of these photos??  Do you have old photos??  What are your favorites??

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