Friday, August 5, 2011

Family Group Sheet Friday

I am really eager to encourage more participation from my followers.  So I have decided to make Friday's Family Group Sheet Fridays.  A day where we should share a family group sheet from our collections.  Pick just one.  Tell us why you picked it and how you have found the information contained in it.  Maybe its one your having a bit of a problem with.  Sharing it with others could very possibly help it right along. 

I will get the ball rolling by sharing one of mine.
My great grand parents Ettore Calovi & Violetta Cash.  This has been one of my favorite research projects.  My great grand father Ettore is from Italy.  Knowing only his name, his wife's name and that he came from Italy I figured that this might be a difficult branch to tackle.  I did find out that he came here in 1909.  I did find them on a few census.  With conflicting birth information.  Sometimes it said he was born in Italy.  I came to learn that the area of Italy he was born in, Mezzocorona, was originally part of Austria before World War I. 

Then I managed to become a part of an Italian surname Newsgroup.  I post his name and what little information on had.  I got a response from someone who did look some information up and then gave me the mailing address to the church in Mezzocorona and a link to white pages.  Then I typed in his last name and the town.  I sent a letter to each one of the names that came up.  I ended finding some very close cousins and one of his nephews that were still living.  Then sent me pictures, and documents.  It was truly amazing.  We still keep in touch.  The church also sent me records of Ettore's father's marriages.  Plus births, deaths, and baptisms of the family.  Very truly amazing.

Unfortunately I still have no records for my great grand mother Violetta.  That is a port in progress.

Ettore Enrico Calovi
DOB Dec. 16, 1809 Mezzocorona, Trento, Italy (Austria)
DOD Jan. 1967 Manchester, Hartford, CT
Father is Guiseppe Calovi  Mother is Maria Berghem
Wife was Violetta Cash
DOB July 19, 1895 Amenia, Dutchess, NY
DOD 1947 Possibly Amenia, NY or Sharon, CT
Children were
Violetta Calovi DOB 1915
Mary Calovi DOB 1918
Hazel Calovi DOB Nov. 18 1920 DOD Feb. 25, 1988
Ruth Calovi DOB Nov. 25 1926  DOD Sept. 3, 1996

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  1. This is a great idea. I would have never thought of sending letters, or rather would not have had the nerve.