Thursday, December 15, 2011

A 6 Week Break

Classes are done for the term. I really surprised myself with the number of A's I received. I am looking forward to my next term. I will be taking Anthropology, NY state history, and the history of the Civil War. I can't wait to dive right in. It will be really exciting for me.  I have already started reading the book for the Civil War class which is "Battle Cry of Freedom."  I have a feeling there will be a lot of writing among all 5 of my classes.  But I will work my butt off and get it done.  I am also taking biology and American Lit.  Which is one of the reasons I decided to get a head start on my reading.  It will be fun. 

I went pulled out all my files, notebooks, binders and such.  I want to go through them, organize them and hope that will help me work more on this blog since I have seen to have gotten off on a detour.  I want to focus more.  But I would really like to see more input from followers.  I am still new at the blog thing and I am trying my best.

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