Saturday, December 3, 2011

a review of some website

If you Google "Genealogy Professional" you will get 13,200,000 hits in 20 seconds.  That is a lot of hits!!!  Here are the first 10 that pop up……….

#10 - - a sales website that sells genealogy related items.  They have books, CD's and other items.  You can browse their catalog.  The page says they have access to over 25 million records and over 2,000 genealogy books.  I did not see any where on the site where you could hire a professional genealogist.  They do offer a book called "Professional Genealogy: A Manual for Researchers, Writers, Editors, Lecturers & Librarians."  The book is $59.95 on their site.

#9 - - a website were you can hire someone to help you with your research.  They are based out of Salt Lake City, Utah.  They say they have traveled to other countries to help their clients solve their genealogical problems.  They charge $50 a half hour and $60 an hour.

#8 - - a wonderful genealogy website all on its own, has a section dedicated to genealogy professionals.  They have links to becoming a professional, accreditation, general resources, hiring a professional and so on.

#7 - - Owned and operated by they have people whose job it is to help you with your research.  Some of the services they offer are ancestry research, international ancestry research, family history book creation & publication, probate and missing heir research, Salt Lake trip consultation, & records search.  Depending on the service you request the price ranges from $75 to $90 plus additional fees for phone calls, photocopies, postage, etc. is well known for their access to millions of historical records and if you are looking to go with a well known company this would probably be the one.

#6 - - The site lists independent companies & individuals who are willing to help you with your genealogy research and genealogy products.  This site is full of directories for many different companies.  They are listings for free resources.  I do feel that the site is full of links upon links.  It seems to be slightly difficult to navigate.  Feel free to check it out and decide for yourself.

#5 - - The Association of Professional Genealogist.  On this site you can find specialist in all sorts of areas.  Such areas as adoption, genetics, heirs, and American Indians.  They also have specialist that help professional genealogist create a business.   If you are interested in becoming a professional genealogist they can help with that as well.

#4 - - They offer services in finding professional genealogist, adoption & missing person specialist, translators, military researcher, historical researcher, heir & estate specialists, and general genealogy services.  This is again a directory of companies and services.  This site is again links that lead you to links of more sites.  Not my personal favorite type of site.

#3 - - Another company located near Salt Lake City, Utah.  They state that they genealogist that can help you with U.S. research, the British Isles, Germany, Canada, Italy and more.  They say that their genealogist all have university degrees in genealogy and family research.   Knowing that there is an extremely limited number of schools that offer such a degree means more than likely they have all gone to BYU.  There rates include original research, documents, full report and records list, family genealogy charts, presentation binder, & private family web page.  20 hours of research is $1250 for 1-2 surname lines.  40 hours of research is $2500 with 1-4 surname lines, & 80 hours of research is $5000 for 2-6 surname lines.  Pretty price but it depends on how serious you are and if you are willing to spend it.

#2 - - This company's site says they have been around for over 40 years.  This company is also located in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Founded by a James W. Petty, who states he is a lifetime career genealogist.  They have their services packaged and their packages have names like gold ($2800), silver ($1500), platinum ($7800), and bronze($800).

#1 - - A well known genealogy research site.  They have a link at the top of their page that says hire an expert.  This will take you to #7  This site is great for anyone who wishes to research on their own.  For either a monthly or yearly fee you can access over 7 billion records from so many different countries.  You can up load your tree or build along the way adding the records to the person as a source.  Other users also share their trees and you can find long lost relatives.  A great site.  A monthly subscription to U.S. records is $22.95 and a monthly subscription World records is $34.95.  If you want to try and do some of the research on your own this is probably your cheapest option.

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