Sunday, December 4, 2011

As I continue to work on this project I do research and come across many different books, websites, and information. Maybe I should have a weekly post dedicated just to the fun things I have come across while researching. 

While researching how to find a professional genealogist I came across and interesting site called  The site is for genealogist looking to help others with their projects and for researchers looking for help. 

Researchers can post projects that they need help with.
Genealogist looking to help others can browse posted projects and bid on them. 

There are 3 different membership levels for seekers
Free- its free to post a project and to find a specialist.
$5.00 - for a refundable $5.00 fee they put an icon in the title of your project to draw attention to your project.
$15.00 - the pull out all the stops to get a specialist for you project.  They notify matching specialist on their site immediatly as well as put your project on the Genealogy Freelancers RSS feed and via twitter to get your project out to hundered of specialist.

There are 3 different membership levels for researchers.
Free - gives you a chance to check out the site, play with the features, browse open projects and even bid on up to 10 a month.  If you bid on a project and get hired they do charge a 6% commision.
Silver - If you find that you are bidding on more than 10 projects a month and getting more jobs you could upgrade to their silver membership for $8 a month.  Your commision paid to the site is then only 3%.  They are limited to bidding on 20 projects a month.
Gold - This membership is $15 a month.  With this membership there are no commision fees, you only pay the $15 a month the money you make is totally yours.  There is not bid limit for gold members bid on all jobs you wish.

So if you get a chance check them out you might like them.  Their site is not flashy but tells you want you need to know.  If you take the time to check them out please leave me a comment telling me your thoughts on the site.

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