Sunday, June 26, 2011

It's a new day, are we ready to write again??  I know I am.

How did the writing about your parents go?  Did you learn anything new??  You must have.

Was this assignment more difficult than the last?  Since you had two people to write about.  Two people to learn about.  Each generation will get harder.  Not only will the number of people double each generation back but records confirming or denying the information you have.

Since we are really getting into the genealogy part it will be important for you obtain copies of records.  I would suggest getting a three ring binder or a file folder bin.  You can create a new tab for each name. 

Starting with yourself, create a folder.  Then make a copy of your birth certificate, social security card, marriage license and other important documents.  Place them in this folder or in the binder.  If you want take the time to type up some of the information that you wrote down about yourself and add that to this file about yourself.  Add pictures from through out your life.  Chapter 1 in you family book.

Then do the same for your parents.  You can choose to either make one folder for the both of them, or if you think you have a lot of information on each parent create a tab for each of them.  Again make copies of any document you can get your hands on.  Don't forget the photos, the more the better, and the older the better.  If you have access to a computer scanner, then scan them in.  This keeps the photos much safer for future use.  Especially if you burn then to a CD or DVD and put that away.ave

For your writing assignment for today, document your experience of collecting and storing your information.  Write about all that you have learned and how you feel about what you have learned.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 2

So how did the first assignment go?

Was it harder than you thought??  Easier than you thought?

Did you talk to your family?  Did you find anything new and interesting about who you are?

Did you enjoy taking the time to learn about yourself?

Today's assignment
Write about your parents.  What do you know about them?  You probably know when they were born, possibly even where they were born.  Is that all you know??  If you are fortunate to still have your parents living talk to them.  Ask them all kinds of questions.

Where were you born?
Where did you live as a child?
What were some of your favorite things?
What did you want to be?

The more questions the better.  While you are doing the interview record it, either with an audio tape or with a video tape.  There are 2 good reasons for this.  One, you will have this cherished item now forever.  Not just some notes written down on paper, but them giving their answers and opinions.  Two, then you don't have to write it all down.  You can look back over it.  Write down what you feel you need to and see what you missed.

This is an assignment that should make you feel really good when you are done with it.