Sunday, July 5, 2015

What did you do with your 4th of July weekend??

Happy 4th of July!!! <yep a day late>
So what did you do with your weekend?
Did you BBQ?

Go to the beach?

Go camping?
Spend time with your family?
Did you watch fireworks?

Or a parade?
Did the reason for July 4th or Independence Day come up in your conversation over the weekend?
Are we thankful for our country and all that the men and women have done over the hundreds of years to make this our country?
239 years ago on July 2nd we became independent!!!  We broke away from Great Britain's Rule.  Ever wonder what life would be like if we were still under another country's rule?  The early settlers came to America to find freedoms.  And in that search they gave us our own freedom.  Something we still have today.  We have the right to our own opinions and voices.  We will not always agree with one another and that is ok.  That is great even.  Because sometimes great things come out of disagreements.  We should always be thankful that we do not have to conform with everyone else.  We should always be thankful that we get to be who we want to be.  We should be thankful, not judge and not be mean or nasty to others for being who they want to be or believe how they want to believe.  That is what makes America great.  Maybe someday we will all learn to no bully, tease or torment others for being different.  We shouldn't be hateful or fearful of others because they want to make a stand for what they believe in. 
Basically it's America!!!!  Be how want to be, believe how you want to believe and DO NOT let other bring you down with their own opinions!
And yesterday I explored my county and found new places to research and explore!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Oh the weather!!!

I live in Central New York.  Not too far from Lake Ontario.  Normally for June we get a couple of inches of rain.  This year we got almost 10 inches.  It has rained almost everyday.  This weather has made it difficult to do any outside research at the local cemeteries.  And this is really the only time of year I get to do it.  Otherwise we are buried under 6 feet of snow.  The crazy weather. 

Just means I have to stick to doing research on the inside.  I am very excited that I should be getting my own vehicle soon.  Which means more exploring and researching.  That is very exciting to me.  Having one family car is very tough on a genealogist. 

How is your summer going?  Have you done any research yet??  What have you discovered? 

I am excitedly currently working on 2 Genealogy Binder Projects.  One binder I am in the 6th generation.  Almost all of the generations have been in Utah.  We are finally starting to spread out.  I was very fascinated when one of their relatives was born and raised in the same area of New York that I am my family are from.  It makes it feel like a small world!!

Have you found any living relatives recently??  Will you meet with them??