Thursday, May 28, 2015

Father's Day June 21st

So Father's day is less than a month a way, what do you have planned??  A BBQ??  Breakfast??  Fishing??  Just hanging out??  Sharing family history??
My sister-in-law asked me a while back to do her a favor for a gift for her father for father's day.  She asked me to do research on her fathers side and put together a binder.  Starting with her father it goes through 5 generations. 
Now because you double your numbers every generation you go back I kept it limited to information on the parents.  While there is plenty of information on the children of each set of parents I would probably need more than one binder or a really big one. 
It only required research in two state; New York and North Carolina.  North Carolina has a wealth of information online (through Ancestry).  Which is good as I live in New York.
The binder is divided by generation than sub-divided by family.  There will be photos that we could get our hands on included.  It was a very fun project (still in progress).
So what are you doing for the fathers in your life?  If your having a family get together talk to all your family members and collect research information for yourself and to share later.  Put together something to give to family members of research you have already done.  Do something fun and family history related!!