Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What is Genealogy?

What is genealogy?  Genealogy is the study of a families history or lineage.  The study of one’s ancestors.  A look into your roots, your backgrounds.  Those who choose to study their ancestors do it for all different reasons.  Some people what to learn about medical backgrounds.  Sometimes we want to see if we are related to anyone famous.  Often we just want to learn about our roots, what make us up.  Where did our family come from and then pass this information on to our descendants and share it with other family members.

Are you interested in genealogy?  What peaked your interested?  What is your ultimate goal? Are you new to genealogy or have you been working at it for awhile?  Share your stories here.  Maybe you will find someone with similar stories or will find someone that will is where you need to be an can help you research. 

Lets make some new long lasting friends.  :D

I am Reyna 39 (oh that is hard to type lol) mother of 4.  Started genealogy research in 1999 when I found out I was pregnant with my first child.  I got hooked hard and fast.  I am a genealogy junk.  My surnames are Thomas, Bryant, Calovi, Balcom, Cash, Bliss, and there are a few more.  My ancestors are from the Cooperstown area of New York, Dutchess County, NY & Litchfield County, CT.  I live in Oswego County, NY.  Let me know if I can help.