Friday, December 12, 2014

Learning Something New Everyday!!

Today I decided to jump onto my Family Tree Maker and look over all those little leaves.  Not too much new for me except a new record on my Great Grandfather.  He came to this country in 1908 from Italy.  His records have been sketchy at best most times.  Most of his records do not show him with his family.  On census records his wife and kids were always in one spot and he was in another.  He was a lumberman or construction worker so I never thought too much into except he would be where the work was.  That makes sense.
Well recently they have uploaded records from Sing Sing Prison and I was totally surprised when the little leaf lead me to a record for my great grandfather.  I clicked on it thinking it was a mistake, misspelling or someone else, but it was not.  It was my great grandfather.  I was extremely impressed with the amount of information on this record.  A lot of which I already knew, some I did not.  I thought he spent most of his time in extreme eastern NY (on the CT boarder) or in Connecticut.  But this record has him in Binghamton NY in 1931.  The total other direction. 
He apparently was sent there for abandoning his children under the age of 16 and willfully omitting to furnish necessary food, clothing and shelter.  He spent a year there for that from what I can gather.  I knew that he had 4 daughters.  I did not know that 2 children had passed away.  It tells me who his last employer was.  Also he address when he was arrested. 
This was a new find for me.  I hope not to find another one but at the same time I kind of do.  It is an interesting resource.
Has anyone else found something similar?