Thursday, January 26, 2012

Civil War Class

So my classes started this week.  I have 2 history classes.  The history of the Civil War and NY State History.  Yes I live in NY which why they offer this class, but apparently this is the first time they have offered this class.  Both classes meet 2 times a week for about an hour and half.  They are taught by the same teacher.  He is extremely passionate and awesome.  If you are interested in history, even a little, he will suck you right in.  I found that both classes are FULL.  This is my 2nd semester and I have not had a single class as full as these.  So that tells you a lot about his teaching.  Most of them he has had before.  The 2nd day of the Civil War class was not as full.  He did explain that if you don't want to work or don't want to learn then get out of the class because he is a Civil War geek. (his words).  He has every book written on the war and he does most of his research on the battle of Gettysburg.  After the 2nd class people were talking about leaving because they were getting grossed out by the discussion of blood, disease, and death.  Well it was a war.  

It is truly amazing experience and makes you wish that history classes were taught like that in high school.