Friday, November 7, 2014

Find My Past Free Preview

Have you heard of the website Find My Past??  Yes or No now is a great time to get to learn more about them.  From mid-day today til mid-day Monday they are letting you search their world records for free.  Now I am personally going to take advantage of this opportunity.  I have played around a little with this site but nothing major.  I want to see what they have to offer.  Are they similar to  Do they have the same records?  Will I be able to find more?

This what it looks like.
So doing a search for my great grandfather who came to America from Italy produced the following results.
As you can see the first 3 results are extremely similar (the last name was spelled in correctly upon arrival and has been that way since.)  I already have these records and have had them for a long time.  The rest are just letters. 

I will keep searching and share with you my results.